Sentinel helps establish the #1 safe driving habit of our generation:


The urge to check, text and talk is hard to resist, and giving in can be deadly.

Forgetting to turn off your phone is easy,but Sentinel doesn't simply help you remember:

it turns this crucial act into a lifesaving habit. Just like putting on a seat belt.

Why Sentinel Works

Sentinel's behavior-shaping power effectively combines three proven aspects of behavioral science:

Key Features of Sentinel Pro

Distracted Driving / Cell Phone Detection:

Our patent pending hardware and proprietary software will allow fleet managers to enforce their company’s distracted driving policy. Managers can now be notified in real time when their employees are using a cell phone while driving.


Reinforce safe driving habits – fleet managers can check vehicle speed against posted speed limits.

In-vehicle alerts:

Our innovative pre-recorded voice messages alert drivers whenever they violate safe driving policies. Alerts include cell phone violations, speeding, and unauthorized use (time and location)


Our innovative patent pending in-vehicle communication feature allows fleet managers to contact drivers who have their phones either off or in airplane mode. This feature allows employers to notify their drivers via the Sentinel system to “pull over to a safe location” to check their messages.

Audio alerts, Accountability and Progress Tracking.

When Sentinel detects risky behavior in a vechicle, it sends out a series of audio alerts,

like seatbelt chimes which are proven to help people change behavior. Sentinel generates audio alerts not only for cell phone usage, but also for speeding, driving outside an approved area and driving past an approved time of day.

If Sentinel's audio alerts are ignored, the driver knows

that his or her parents

will be the first to know,

via email or text message.

That knowledge creates a strong accountability factor that motivates your teen toward safer behavior

behind the wheel.

Seeing progress over time helps people form new behaviors and new habits.

That's why Sentinel provides you and your teen with a detailed activity report on a secure website just for you.

It gives families specific issues to talk about, so conversations about safer driving become much more meaningful.

Plus, all progress can be

seen -and celebrated.

Apps can quickly drain your child’s phone battery. If that happens, you lose contact. With Sentinel, you can reach your child by phone as soon as he or she gets out of the car. Apps can eat through your data plan. Sentinel is a self-contained device that operates independently of any phone —leaving your data plan unaffected.

Should you trust an app to keep your child safe?

Sentinel is not an App -

Sentinel is a serious solution to a serious problem. As a smart hardware device, it is much more effective than an app, but just as easy to use — and fully accessible on your phone, tablet or computer. No downloads necessary. Apps don’t establish the #1 safe driving habit of our generation. Apps require your phone to be on in order to work, but Sentinel reminds drivers to do the very opposite. That’s how Sentinel helps build this lifesaving habit: When you turn on the car, turn off your phone. Apps don’t prevent all distractions. Sometimes, they even create them. Every parent’s worst nightmare would be to create a distraction that causes your child to crash. Yet most apps allow unrestricted calls from approved numbers — like yours. With Sentinel, you can know at a glance if your child is driving, or not, so you never have to wonder if it’s safe to call or text...Apps only work on the phones that have them installed. But Sentinel can 

detect ANY phone in the car, even a go-phone or friends’ phones. Apps can’t detect distraction from passengers’ phones. An app can only detect activity from the phone on which it is installed, but cell phone distraction can come from passengers, too. Sentinel sounds an alert if it detects any cell phone activity exceeding the boundaries you set. Apps can’t provide the safe emergency communication that Sentinel can. Audio alerts allow Sentinel users to communicate with their driver in an emergency, even if their cellphone is turned off.

Did you Know?

Motor vehicle crashes involving distracted driving cost employers over $15 billion annually in medical care, legal expenses,

property damage and lost productivity.


Distracted Driving and Speeding are the leading causes of vehicle crashes


Talking hands-free or hand-held increases risk of crash by 4x (same as DUI)
Texting increases risk of crash by 23x
Cost to Employers of on the job crashes due to cell phone use while driving (NHTSA):

Average Cost per crash $26,000
Average Cost per injury resulting from crash $128,000
Average Cost per fatality $3,800,000


Let Sentinel Pro help your employees learn to drive safer, limit your corporate liability and increase your bottom line.


Make Your Fleet Vehicle A Cell Phone Free Zone.

The Personal Phone Dilemma:
Until now employers have had no way to enforce their fleet zero tolerance cell phone policy for both company issued and personal phones. Only Sentinel Pro detects ANY and ALL in-vehicle cell phone use providing maximum vehicle risk mitigation.



Business Productivity

Sentinel Pro provides detailed reports that can help you manage your fleet effectively:

Trip Reports: Sentinel Pro enables you to log and map each trip providing information about start and end time, distance traveled and route.

Location: Sentinel Pro enables you to instantly locate your fleet driver via desktop, tablet and/or smartphone.

Idle time: Sentinel Pro enables you to reduce fuel consumption by monitoring idle time.

Engine On/Off: Sentinel Pro enables you to know when vehicle is being driven.

Geo-fence: Sentinel Pro enables you to utilize state-of-the-art Geo-fence features to make your business more productive.

Maintenance Alerts: Sentinel Pro enables you to schedule maintenance alerts based on time or mileage.